Asian Relaxation Center

We offer several treatment options including: Reflexology Foot, Body Massage (Acupressure Shiatsu oil), Chair Massage, Belly Massage, Zone Therapy Hand and Head Massage. Stop by Asian Relaxation Center today to enjoy all the benefits of massage!

Massage is a passive movement that is beneficial for skin, muscles, ligaments, lymph, joints, bones and circulatory, digestive, endocrine systems. Reflexology and zoned therapy stimulates and regulates the organs while helping to relax the bodily pressure, nervousness and tiredness while regulating emotional thoughts and renewing energy.

Massage speeds up blood flow and strengthens the immune system and balances the energy through channels or meridians. It can also prevent weakness in the heads, neck, shoulders, hands, low back, hips, or legs.


Mon-Sun: 10:00-9:00


260 Racine Drive # 5
Wilmington, NC 28403